Trail Running Conference USA – second annual, Estes Park, CO

October 9-11 2014   #TrailConference at the historic Stanley Hotel

Welcome to the Estes Trail Ascent – Trail Running Conference! We are eagerly planning the 2nd annual Conference, that takes place over three days – Thursday October 9 is for Trail Race Directors, and Friday October 10 and Saturday October 11 are for Trail Runners. Sunday October 12 rounds off the weekend with a trail race on a local Estes Park trail.

This conference is for trail runners of all levels, trail race directors, and sponsors and vendors that are looking for an event to showcase their trail related products or services. This event is the second annual Trail Running Conference in the USA, and we are proud to partner with ATRA (American Trail Running Association). Our inaugural Conference in June 2013 was a great success – we learned much from the event, and also from the follow up surveys that we carried out with both attendees and fans of Trail Running. The format of the second annual Conference will be very different from the inaugural one, and we are excited to put into practice many of the suggestions that were made.

Trail Running has seen exponential growth in recent years, and is poised to become one of the most popular outdoor active pursuits in the United States; this event is the first of it’s kind to be dedicated to our growing and dynamic sport. Colorado has long been a Trail Running mecca in the USA, and Estes Park is proud to stake its claim as America’s Trail Running Destination. This Conference will seek to set out a strategy for the continued growth in Trail Running  in the USA and beyond.

atra_logo_texture.42220526_stdNancy Hobbs, Executive Director of ATRA commented on the 2013 event: “It is wonderful that these community organizations in Estes Park took the lead to roll out the first-ever trail running conference. They have selected a beautiful setting that will be attractive to attendees from all over the country. Planning is under way to offer a well rounded conference program geared toward administrators, vendors, and athletes and ATRA looks forward to supporting this event.”

You may have seen that Estes Park and the Colorado Front Range received devastating floods in early September 2013. Although many shops, houses, lodges, and restaurants were damaged, as of early October much of Estes Park is open for business as usual. The Town and the businesses here are welcoming visitors and we look forward to seeing you! Currently the Town is accessible via the beautiful scenic Peak to Peak Highway 7, and by Trail Ridge Road (while weather permits). Highway 36 and 34 have re-opened in November 2013 2013, so all major roads to Estes Park are accessible in plenty of time for the Conference. Check out the video links below for what a beautiful location Estes Park is, and why it a great place to come and celebrate Trail Running!

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  • Thank you so much again for everything during last week's first annual Trail Running Conference. You & everyone involved KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!
    Susan Farago, Trailhead Running,
  • Thank you for your efforts at the inaugural Trail Running Conference. I learned a lot of valuable information.
    Mary Zemansky,
  • Great job on the Conference!
    Linda Cowart,
  • I just wanted to say you did a phenomenal job organizing & planning the first Trail Running Conference. What an accomplishment! I enjoyed particpating in the panels; thanks for allowing me the opportunity.
    Brandy Erholtz, NB athlete,